The Alpha Course

The Alpha Course is run in churches throughout Singapore, the Asia Pacific and around the world, to provide guests with an opportunity to explore the meaning of life from a Christian perspective.

Yet though Alpha is run in churches, the course is designed primarily for people who do not go to church.

Courses are open to everyone who would like to attend, they are free, and they are designed to let people think and talk about the Christian faith at their own pace, asking any questions they want.

The Alpha Course takes place over 10 weeks, with one meeting each week. Each meeting begins with a meal together, followed by a live talk or DVD focused on a particular topic.

Guests then arrange into groups of 8-12 and discuss the topic further, asking whatever questions they want to. Though each group has a facilitator who attends the church, the purpose of the discussion time is to allow each group-member to talk and think through questions, and arrive at their own understanding.

Guests attend Alpha for a wide variety of reasons - some want to
investigate whether God exists; others are concerned about what happens after death. Some people have particular questions that they would like
to discuss; others want to understand other peoples' beliefs or would
like to explore what the purpose of life is.

Whatever the reason, Alpha provides a place for the Christian faith to be discussed freely.

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